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Pih Investments is an independent financial planning and wealth management consulting firm based in Los Angeles, California that provides unbiased, customized solutions to individuals, families, small businesses, and retirement plans. We provide investment consulting services to informed clients who are looking to break away from institutional sales pressure and partner with a firm legally obligated to act solely in their best interests.

The exceptional client-centered model that Pih Investments utilizes distinguishes us from our competition. Our prompt service and attentiveness are unsurpassed. We offer no "Model Portfolios," only highly tailored individual solutions based on a mutual understanding between advisor and client. We help our clients calculate what they have, understand what they will need, and devise and manage the strategy toward meeting their goals.

We offer no "Model Portfolios" only highly tailored individual solutions based on a mutual understanding between advisor and client.

As a Registered Investment Advisor firm, we are bound to providing a fiduciary standard of care to our clients. Pih Investments is unburdened by conflicts of interest present at large brokerage firms. Our interests are aligned directly with the success of our clients as we are strictly a fee-only firm. With this model of togetherness, we can focus completely on the success of the client. The opposite can sometimes be the case at large institutions because of the inherent sales and commission based conflicts of interest. The advisor's financial incentive is thereby unaligned with the client's needs, leading to inappropriate investment recommendations and products.

At Pih Investments, we work tirelessly to deliver unbiased, independent wealth management services while building client loyalty through integrity and service - all at a low cost. Our clients respect that we measure our success by both their success and the quality of service we provide and are confident in our ability to meet their complex financial needs.

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