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At the core of every successful wealth management case is a carefully constructed, diligently maintained portfolio. We firmly believe that over time and with discipline, a portfolio's best defense is made through diversification. Using an asset selection process validated by Modern Portfolio Theory, we believe that a disciplined, well thought out investment plan should increase portfolio growth with or without dollar cost averaging.

We help create a custom investment policy statement for each client based on their full and complete financial profile. Strategic asset allocation targets are maintained through our periodic, disciplined rebalancing process. Diversification is achieved across a broad range of asset classes and international investments using the lowest cost methods available. As an independent Registered Investment Advisor firm, we have access to many investments and institutional shares that would, often times, be unavailable to retail investors.

We help create a custom investment policy statement for each client based on their full and complete financial profile.

We choose to take a thorough and individual approach with all of our clients. Outside accounts such as 401(k)s, 403(b)s, and annuities are considered an integral part of your portfolio. We understand that tax-efficiency can be just as important as strong returns and utilize advanced metrics to find the best opportunities to utilize tax harvesting and other methods of saving our clients money on taxes as they relate to investing.

With our fee-only approach and model of mutual success, we are driven to help our clients achieve better returns by providing low cost investments that will minimize the internal expense ratios, transaction costs, and commissions that eat into returns. When choosing mutual funds, we select no load, load-waived, or institutional funds that provide access to the best managers and diversification tactics. Our fee is less than half of what the vast majority of investment management firms charge, thereby allowing our clients to keep more of the returns and/or income that their portfolio generates. All clients of Pih Investments pay less than 1.00% annually, a fee that covers meticulous portfolio management, ongoing financial planning, access to state of the art performance reporting software including all advanced metrics, and mobile application access to their investments via their smart phone, tablet, or computer.

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