Financial Planning

Pih Investments supports and utilizes the official financial planning process of the Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards, Inc.

  1. Establishing and defining the client-planner relationship

    Pih Investments begins the financial planning process with our client centered approach. We first and foremost want to learn about you as a person from the inside out. What do you stand for, and how does that affect your financial decisions?

  2. Gathering client data including goals

    We will work with you to determine both your personal and financial goals. Understanding time frames and risk management are key factors in this process. To help prepare a financial plan, we need to fully understand your financial position from all angles.

  3. Analyzing and evaluating the client's current financial status

    Pih Investments will work through scenarios and fully analyze the complete financial picture of the client. This includes cash flow analysis, personal financial statement preparation, insurance planning/risk management, investment planning, income tax planning, retirement planning, and estate planning.

  4. Developing and presenting recommendations and/or alternatives

    You will receive an immaculately detailed financial plan encompassing multiple scenarios with accurate probabilities of success in relation to goals and benchmarks. Our analysis comes with "What-If" scenarios and takes all aspects of your financial future into account. We then clearly define action items to move forward.

  5. Implementing the recommendations

    After a best course of action is agreed upon, we begin implementing our shared strategy in securing your finances, both present and future. During this process, we strive for tax efficiency and long term peace of mind.

  6. Monitoring the recommendations

    We are constantly monitoring the financial plans of our clients, communicating necessary adjustments as we progress through various stages to stay on track or exceed our plans. More than anything, we know that life is a challenge that we definitely do not have all the answers to. Financial situations can change, and Pih Investments stands ready to make any necessary adjustments that our clients communicate.

Areas of Expertise

Risk Management

In life we take an unprecedented amount of risk. Unfortunately, loss can place an individual or household in dire circumstances if efforts were not made beforehand to mitigate this potential loss. Such events can be catastrophic and offset years and even decades of hard work and accumulation of assets. Pih Investments can help identify the common areas where there are gaps in coverage or insufficient coverage in event of accident, disability, death, or poor estate planning. We then help the client integrate their risk management preferences into their overall financial plan with respect to their goals and lifestyle.

Retirement Planning

As an integral part of a complete financial plan, retirement planning can be daunting due to all the inconsistent factors that can play a role in affecting a retirement plan. We run thousands of Monte Carlo simulations to test the probability of a plan lasting to the end of a client's lifetime. Our goal is simple: we will help you identify which vehicles to invest in, ensure that you can live the lifestyle that you desire, and construct a portfolio that will generate necessary income throughout retirement.

Estate Planning

A common misconception and myth is that estate planning is only for the extremely affluent. The opposite is true. In order to protect client privacy and avoid paying high estate taxes, having a proper plan and correctly titled assets is paramount. Pih Investments will work with a team of your trusted advisors, including your CPA and attorney, to ensure that legal documents correctly depict your wishes, including any charitable giving or leaving a legacy for loved ones.

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